I feel that Kathy offers more than what we pay and her services are worth more than money can buy as peace of mind and ability to engross ourselves in our vacation means we can have both without compromising either.  I continually recommend Kathy to our friends and I am proud to write this letter proclaiming her gifts to us!

-Mary, Modesto

We just recently moved to Modesto and were in need of a sitter for our two cats, one of whom is a newly adopted stray and is being kept separated from our original cat.  We researched several pet sitters and chose “All God’s Creatures” because of their professional and thorough approach.  The answering machine clearly states who you have reached and calls are returned promply; they document completely your pet, its feeding and medical regime, physical identification and veterinary clinic affiliation, additional contacts in case of emergency; and they schedule an orientation visit prior to your departure.  When we returned from our vacation, we found our cats completely relaxed and untroubled by our absence and their food and litter box areas clean and in order.  We will be using them again in the near future.

-Tricia, Modesto

Kathy has taken care of our animals, many times and we have an assortment of rats, birds, fish, cats and dogs and she does fine with all of them.  We trust her completely and appreciate very much that she genuinely loves all animals and does whatever needs to be done for our pet’s best interests.  She is raising her children to be the same way, responsible animal caretakers, which to me says a lot about a person.

-Donna, Modesto

I have known the owner, Kathy Longwell, for years and a more trustworthy person you can not find,

-Aaron West, PMZ realtor, Modesto

Kathy Longwell is an experienced and wonderful pet sitter.  I am completely relaxed when I am away from home knowing she is looking after and caring for my three pets.  I have to Wastes and an older cat.  They are always happy and calm when I return which indicates they are well cared for.  I highly recommend using Kathy for your pet sitting requirements!

-Anne, Modesto

Kathy was an awesome answer to prayer! I knew I could leave my two cats with her and not worry for one minute.  She is a professional, taking notes as I explained the procedure and making sur she has phone numbers to reach me or the vet if there is an emergency.  When I arrived back home my cats looked happy and well taken care of and there was a daily journal for me to see how things went.  I will continue to use her burins in the future.

-Shelly, Modesto

All God’s Creatures is an outstanding all-service pet care business.  My family has used All God’s Creatures on two different occasions, the last being an entire week, and were extremely pleased and impressed.  They came to our home and lovingly took care of our two dogs, following our instructions flawlessly.  We appreciated the attention to detail and the daily notes they provided about the series that were rendered and how our pets were doing each particular day.  Not only were my husband and I completely satisfied, so were our dogs. It was a great comfort for us to be able to leave our home and our animals in such trustworthy hands.  We would not hesitate in the least to employ All God’s Creatures in the future, or highly recommend them to others.

-Tamara, Modesto


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